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GIMT has adopted a policy of zero tolerance towards ragging and strives to achieve a completely ragging free institute. We are happy to announce that not a single case of ragging, even a very minor one, occurred in GIMT last year. We have built up a healthy tradition in this regard and we intend to keep it that way.

Hon’ble Supreme Court of India accepted the anti-ragging report submitted by the former CBI Director R K Raghavan that suggested a 2-fold approach of punishment coupled with counseling to tackle the menace.

Accordingly, GIMT also has adopted a multi-pronged strategy to tackle the menace of ragging. It launched an awareness drive amongst the students about the seriousness and consequences of indulging in the act of ragging. To achieve this, the following measures are taken.

i. The college authorities regularly address the students on this aspect to create awareness.

ii. Large displays (like banners etc.) are erected at important places around the campus at admission times.

iii. An Anti-ragging squad (ARS) has been formed and the names and mobile numbers of the members of the ARS are made available to the students for any fresher to lodge a complaint if subjected to any form of ragging by his/her seniors. The ARS is instructed to keep strict vigil all around the campus. The members of the ARS are authorized to challenge any group/ individual suspected of indulging in any form of ragging.

iv. An Anti-Ragging Committee (ARC) has also been setup. The names of the ARC members along with their mobile numbers are published for the victim or his/her parents/guardians to lodge a complaint to the Chairman of ARC. The committee will investigate and suggest mode of punishment for the guilty persons. A student found guilty of ragging is punishable by suspension/ rustication from the Institute.

v. GIMT publishes a booklet titled “Our Goal – A Ragging Free GIMT” and the same is made available to all students free of cost, wherein all the aspects of ragging including the law of the land “The Assam Prohibition of Ragging Act’ 1998”, the form of possible punishment etc. are described. Students are made to realize that stringent discrepancy action in the form of suspension/ expulsion and rustication from the Institute may result if anyone iindulges in any act of ragging. In fact, at times, it may even end one’s academic careers. It also highlights the fact that the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has termed ragging as a crime and makes filing of FIR mandatory by the College authority. GIMT is bound to comply with the above S.C. directive.


vi. All Students seeking admission in GIMT will submit two separate affidavits duly signed by Oath Commissioner as given at pages 64 and 65. One affidavit will be signed by the student and another by the parents/guardians on Rs 10.00 stamp paper.

vii. All students allotted hostel accommodation will also submit two separate affidavits duly signed by the student and parents respectively as given above.

vii. All affidavits will be submitted when the student joins the Institute.