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A library is regarded as a treasure house of knowledge for an institute, as such, it should be in proper form and well maintained from all corners.

In case of an engineering institute, especially when the institute is of GIMT status (the first AICTE approved private engineering institute) the library must be well maintained and should provide all the best services of a library.


The GIMT Library is at the second floor of the Administrative Building of the Institution and it occupies total carpet area of = 570.173 sq meter  in where the main library occupies the 268.283 sq meters carpet area and the reading room has 301.89 sq meter  carpet area. The GIMT Library is full of different textbooks, reference books and other reference sources like encyclopaedia, dictionaries, novels, biographies etc. The library provides four daily newspapers and nine numbers of magazine to its users. It also procures hard and soft copies journals on science and technology and management regularly. At present the library has almost 30,000 books serving near about 1800 students and 130 faculty-staff. The library also provides the WEBOPAC facility.

DDC 22nd Edition and AACR II is followed for the classification and cataloguing the documents respectively. It provides ready reference service using both offline and online sources of information. The library provides reprography facility for its users and is planning to introduce more user-friendly services to its users. Library is partially automated with the library management software SOUL2.0 from INFLIBNET, Hyderabad.