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MBA Course Structure

First Semester

BA132101: Principles of Management     

BA132102: Organisational Behaviour

BA132103: Managerial Economics

BA132104: Financial Accounting

BA132105: Quantitative Techniques in Management

BA172106: Marketing Management - I

BA172107: Computer Application in Business

BA172108: Values & Ethics in Management

BA172109: Communication Skills for Managers


 Second Semester

BA172201: Research Tools & Techniques

BA172202: Financial Management

BA172203: Marketing Management – II

BA172204: Human Resource Management

BA172205: Production & Operations Management

BA172206: Corporate Environment

BA172207: Cost & Management Accounting

BA172208: Business Law

BA172209: Technology & Innovation Management


Third Semester

BA172301: Business Policy & Strategic Management

BA172302: Operations Research for Industry

BA172303: Summer Internship Project (Project-based)

Finance Group

BA17230F1: Behavioural Finance 

BA17230F2: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

BA17230F3:Taxation Planning & Management

HR Group

BA17230H1: Managerial Behaviour & Effectiveness

BA17230H2: Industrial Relations & Labour Laws

BA17230H3: Organisational Change & Development

Marketing Group

BA17230M1: Brand Management & Advertising

BA17230M2: Supply Chain Management

BA17230M3: Consumer Behavioural Analysis and Retailing

Production Group

BA17230P1: TQM & Six Sigma

BA17230P2: Service Operation Management

BA17230P3: Operation Strategy Planning & Control


Fourth Semester

BA172401: Project Management

BA172402: Quality Control & Management

Finance Group

BA17240F1: Advanced Corporate Accounting

BA17240F2: Financial Engineering & Derivatives Management

BA17240F3: Management of Services

HR Group

BA17240H1: Performance Appraisal, Training & Development

BA17240H2: Negotiation & Counselling

BA17240H3: Strategic Human Resource Management

Marketing Group

BA17240M1: Rural Marketing

BA17240M2: Marketing of Services 

BA17240M3: Sales & CRM

Production Group

BA17240P1: Supply Chain & Logistics Management

BA17240P2: TPM & Lean Manufacturing

BA17240P3: Modern Operations Research Techniques for Industry

Elective Paper (Any ONE) in FOURTH SEMESTER

BA17240E1: Travel and Tourism Management

BA17240E2: International Marketing & Trade

BA17240E3: Management of Non-Government Organisations

BA17240E4: Infrastructure Management

BA17240E5: Health Care Management

BA17240E6: Event Management

BA17240E7: Computer Aided Project Management

BA17240E8: Enterprise Resource Planning

BA17240E9: E-Commerce

BA17240E10: Construction Management

BA17240E11: International Business

BA17240E12: Compensation Management

BA17240E13: Entrepreneurship Management