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Our Alumni´s Words


(Swaroop Chakraborty)
MCA 2nd Batch(2010-2013)
Senior Software Engineer
Cerner Corporation USA


I still remember my first day at GIMT. I was 23 then, thin and lanky at tandem.
Well, with no basic knowledge of computer languages before, I challenged myself to pursue this course MCA, I was not sure of my abilities or the career that I would be looking forward to in a few years then. 
Hailing in from a different town Silchar, on the sub-urban south east of Guwahati, and dropping in here for my Masters, was the biggest decision that I made during that phase of my life. It was not easy to move in to to a different city and settle with things there. 
In my initial days at GIMT, I tried to cope myself up with the new environment, new set of teachers, new classmates, new roads to travel everyday to and fro. It was both hard and exciting to cope up with these new changes, but eventually with time, I started to fall in love with this newness in life, that struck me so suddenly. I started to like Guwahati more than before, perhaps GIMT was the reason behind it. 
Like an object, instantiates itself on a New Command, so did my life instantiate itself with this new pace of life at GIMT.
Sooner then, I got friends here, and like everyone else in the college, I too had a gang of friends at GIMT then. Things started becoming more familiar as the faculties made it easy for me to settle in during my first semester days. Caring and strict both. And with time, I started to fall in love with Guwahati too, and since then Guwahati itself has given me so much, a new life, my first job here in a local start up at Guwahati and many more stories with lots of memories encapsulated in.
I still remember those extensive OS and Data Structures classes by Rajarshi Sir and Arnab Sir accompanied with real time explanations. Those days are really not meant to be forgotten. Learnt so much about normalization in database concepts from Jeetumoni Sir that even today I do apply it in practical fields. I feel blessed for the same. I may be missing out on some of the names too, and I am sorry about that, as I am typing this email at the last hour of office.
Thank you GIMT for everything!
Now Life is stable, good job, a bright career rolling in, and kind of settled working as a Senior Software Engineer in a world class health care automation project at Cerner Corporation USA. And all that in a experience span of 4 years now. Time flies, literally
Having that said, with the grace of God and the knowledge imparted to me by my respected faculties, I have been selected from 28k participating associates in my organisation for a "Cerner Masters Award 2018" that was hosted in Kansas City MO USA, this February. 
The award was offered in recognition to my performance in the  ´Above & Beyond Automation Excellence and Innovation´  arena. The day I received the honor, I was so emotional inside and you know what, somewhere I feel, the reason why I got this recognition does not deserve my full credit, because I feel without those life changing tech lessons in the MCA department back at GIMT Guwahati, this could have never been possible, as I knew nothing about computer languages till I joined GIMT.
Thank you my faculties, you people mean a lot to me. 
Keep in touch.

Swaroop(G-026), well that was roll number , Lol!!










(Deepjyoty nath)

MCA 6th Batch(2014-2017)
PGT Computer Science, DPS Khanapara
Former Android Application Developer ClearWin Technologies Inc.
Former Android Application Developer Incredible Infosoft Solutions India Pvt. Ltd

“The quality of education I received in the MCA department at GIMT exceeded the classroom setting. Faculty members displayed genuine interest in the needs of the students. My overall experience was filled with knowledge and fun memories"

PGT Computer Science DPS khanapara