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Rohan Kumar Barooah

McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute

McMaster University, Canada

Mechanical Engineering Department, GIMT (2009-2013)


GIMT has been an institution that provides quality education to the budding engineers of North East India. It gives me immense pleasure to see that many GIMT graduates have been able to serve our society by establishing themselves in several government agencies and research institutes all over Assam and India. This has been possible due to the technical skills acquired, and academic excellence achieved in this institute over the undergraduate studies. I am very grateful to Professor P.C. Baruah and Asst. Professor  Subhajit Das for their constant support and guidance in my life.




Punam Gogoi

Assistant Engineer, Irrigation Department

Goverment of Assam

Mechanical Engineering Department, GIMT (2009-2013)

 College experience is more than just going to class, reading textbooks, doing assignments and taking tests. It’s about experiencing all that a college has to offer you. It was my privilege to be able to take the advantage of a well disciplined college which has numerous services that provided me support, entertainment, helped me expanding my learning and also transition into college life. Our college played the important role by providing me, along with my fellow engineers with resources, facilities and expertise with best way possible. It made me tougher and wiser, gave me friends for lifetime with memories that I still cherish. It taught me how the bonding between faculty and students, seniors and juniors should be, which is helping me making relation with my senior officers, colleagues and with my subordinates at my work place. Now when I see my Alma mater´s well maintained infrastructure with newly equipped facilities, I am overwhelmed with the feeling how the college has improvised itself with time. Thanks to our Administration as well as our faculty members. I am a proud Mechanical Engineer from a very proud college named Girijananda Choudhury Institute of Management and Technology, popularly known as GIMT.




Bidyut Daudang

Operation and Maintenance Engineer

India Oil Corporation Limited, Guwahati

Mechanical Engineering Department, GIMT (2010-2014)


Being a student for 3 years (lateral) in GIMT, I can say that it is one of the best institutions to be in. The teachers had been a guiding light who gave their best to bring out the best in us. Besides that, this college has given me sweet memories, faithful friends and a sense of confidence to face the challenges and turbulence in real life.  My sincere thanks to all the faculty members, mentors and everyone in GIMT for their never ending support and altruism


Nitin Singh Tatrari

Technical Marketing Officer

Everest Industuries Ltd

Mechanical Engineering Department, GIMT (2010-2014)


GIMT was a realistic opportunity which had happened to me in my life, it had surely created a difference in me. It had been a joyous and honorary experience being a part of GIMT. 4 years in GIMT was full of fun and learning. My sincere gratitude to the faculties of GIMT for their constant guidance and motivation.   It is training & placement cell is very active and effective.  I was campus placed from here.




Pallabi Baruah

Assistant Engineer

Public Health Department

Mechanical Engineering Department, GIMT (2011-2015)

I am honored to have this privileged of sharing my thoughts about GIMT. I would be ever grateful to my Alma Mater for all that it has bestowed upon me. My sincere regards to the teachers of mechanical engineering department for putting in their heart and soul in bringing out the best in every student. The institution has ventured into every aspect to ensure the overall academic, technical, practical and managerial skills of the students thus creating an assemblage of ignited minds moving ahead to be the future technocrats leading the nation. My best wishes for the young brothers and sisters associated with GIMT and a humble request to remember the roots which help you gain strength to face the wrath of any storm.







Juena Gogoi

Pursuing MBA

Tezpur University

Mechanical Engineering Department, GIMT (2012-2016)

The four years spent in GIMT have always been the most remarkable years of my life. Not only these years have molded me into a professional but have also taught me a whole lot of values to enhance my personality for the long run. I will always be indebted to my alma mater for giving me the opportunity to explore my potential. The faculties of our college and especially of our department have always been so open and welcoming that we never hesitated to express our queries and the pedagogy adopted by our teachers was excellent. There were a lot of facilities provided as for instance hostel facilities, the various clubs, events for performing co-curricular activities etc. Above all, whatever I am today is all because of the teachings and encouragement of my faculties, peers and fellow mates.





Chiman Kumar

Assistant Manager, Lakwa Thermal Power Station

Assam Power Generation Corporation

Mechanical Engineering Department, GIMT (2012-2016)



I feel immense pleasure to share my four years of experience in GIMT. In today’s world a lot of engineering institutes have emerged but there are only a few which produce good engineers. The GIMT faculty is very sincere towards the curriculum and performance of their students. Also, I have seen a tremendous determination of the whole staff in achieving the highest position in the society. I always feel happy to be a part of such an institution and will always cherish those four years.