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Engineering Mechanics Laboratory

This laboratory is common for all the branches of 1st semester students. It includes experiments such as verification of polygon law, moment of inertia, determination of forces in truss etc. Some of the major equipments to be listed in the laboratory are worm & worm wheel ( single, double, triple) along with winch crab, screw jack and truss apparatus.


Mechanism & Machines Laboratory

The lab consists of models of mechanisms, governors, balancing machine, Coriolis apparatus, Gyroscope and Universal Vibration apparatus.


Mechanics of Material Laboratory

A 1000 kN Universal Testing Machine has been installed under MODROBS project funded by AICTE facilitating a large number of experiments and research. Several other material testing machines are also under the process of acquisition. Building materials used locally are also being tested in this lab.


Material Testing Laboratory

A hardness testing machine, an impact testing machine, a torsion testing machine and a fatigue testing machine are used for testing of mechanical properties of materials as a part of students curriculum as well as project and research purposes.


Machine Tools and Machining Laboratory

Metal cutting operations such as turning, facing, milling, tapering etc are performed on the machine tools such as lathe, milling, shaper and grinding. These operations are performed in the Mechanical Workshop.



Heat Transfer Laboratory

Experiments including the determination of thermal conductivities of solids, liquids, powder and composite walls, determination of Stefan-Boltzman´s constant, heat pipe demonstrations, determination of the emissivity of a black-body are conducted.


Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Laboratory

Test set-ups for the study of Bernoulli´s Theorem, Vortex flow, Pipe friction, and for the determination of Reynold´s number, Hydraulic coefficients of orifice and notch, Metacentric height of a ship model are available. In addition to this, working models of pelton wheel, francis turbine and kaplan turbine are also available for demonstration to the students.



I.C.Engine Laboratory

A four-stroke, four cylinder petrol engine test rig and a four-stroke, four cylinder diesel engine test rig have been installed for performing various experiments.



Metrology & Instrumentation Laboratory

Various measuring instruments like gauges, planimeter, stroboscope, bevel protector, etc. give a proper and practical insight into the metrology sector. The gauges and measuring instruments help the students to gain practical knowledge which can be implemented in their project works.




CAD/Machine Design Laboratory

The Creo software has been procured in order to enhance the drafting knowledge of students’ related to designing of various mechanical parts and equipments. AutoCAD is also used in design laboratory.


Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory

A CNC machine has been installed in the department under MODROBS project.



Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Laboratory

Vapour Compression Refrigeration, Vapour Absorption Refrigeration, Ice making, Air-conditioning test rigs have been procured under AICTE schemes. A model of cooling tower developed by the students has also been added to this lab.


Fuel Injection Centre

A new state of the art "Fuel Injection Lab" has been established with the help of BOSCH Ltd. Furthermore, a training centre of BOSCH is expected to be started soon.



Steam Generating Unit

A fire tube package type boiler of steam generating capacity 1120kg/hr has been installed in order to demonstrate the working of industrial boilers.



Other Laboratories

The First Year students also attend Physics, Chemistry and Electrical Engg. Department Laboratories along with Mechanical workshop.