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 Power and electricity: Electricity supply is provided by Assam State Electricity Board (ASEB) and a Trans-former of capacity 250kVA, 11kV/440V, 3-phase, 50Hz, is installed. Three standby DG sets of 380, 380 and 50kVA, 3-phase, 400V, 50Hz are available to provide standby supply incase of failure of electric supply from ASEB. Maintenance is carried out by inhouse electricians. An additional transformer is being installed to cater for enhanced load.


 DG Set

Portable water Supply: 24 hrs water supply is available in the institute. Institute has a strong water tank of 60,000 ltr with a reserve tank of 10,000 litres. The girls hostel is provided with a separate storage tank of 40,000 ltr capacity.


Medical facilities: The emergency medical care facilities are available with the Institute in different ways.


(a)                 A registered Medical Practitioner is available for medical needs. (a).A nurse is appointed for emergency medical care. (c) The Government medical Hospital , Azara, Guwahati-17 is only within 500m distance with the institute and in case of any emergency, patients are brought to the hospital by the Van used for medical emergency. (d) An ambulance is available at the institute premises to transfer patients during medical emer-gency.(e) The institute has opened a medishop under the Pradhanmantri Jana Aushadhi Scheme.



Security and safety arrangements: Round the clock security is provided with eleven security personnel (in three shifts) duty. Two security personnel are employed separately for girls’ hostel at night. Different meas-ure has been taken for checking the safety and security norms. Weekly checks are carried out on all elec-trical installations and panel boards in the institute by the resident electrician. In addition, all complaints received are properly addressed. The three standby DG sets are checked daily for radiator/battery water level, engine oil level, battery terminal connections, functions of all safety devices. Output voltage is also checked to prevent damage of the electrical appliances


 Disaster management options: The buildings have been constructed with adequate passage facility for immediate evacuation in case of emergency. Sufficient water storage facilities have been created to cope up with fire hazards and each every floor is facilitated with such water pumping facilities. Classrooms, laborato-ries, seminar halls and workshop are well ventilated and are provided with multiple exits. There are separate toilets for men and woman on all floors and they are fitted with exhaust fans. The main institute building has three sets of wide stairs cases to meet any emergency. At the ground floor five exits are available for emer-gency evacuation. Fire and earthquake evacuation plans have been put in place and personnel (faculty and students) adequately trained to handle the situation till the arrival of assistance. Personnel of the institute also attended various training programmes conducted by the Assam Disaster Management Authority. 154 fire extinguishers have been deployed in various locations and laboratories in the institute for immediate fire prevention. In addition, fire-fighting equipment have been deployed with over 1 lakh litres of water-storage capacity in the institute campus. Large pathway from the approach road allows easy entry of fire-fighting vehicles and equipment.


Housekeeping facilities: There are more than 20 housekeeping personnel employed to keep the campus clean and unhygienic.


Telecom Facilities : Landline telephones are available in the office of the GIMT, Principal, PS to the Principal and in Dean Administration office. Moreover, Institute has many mobile phone and Internet connections for communication of voice and data.