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Ruels & Regulation


Students admitted to the college must abide by the Rules and Regulations as prescribed by the College Authority. Violation of these may make the students liable to disciplinary action.

Conducts, which might attract disciplinary action, include irregular clearance of college dues, discourtesy to the teachers and the staff members in any form, resorting to strikes, indulging in any form of ragging, causing damages to college properties, consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places, smoking within the college premises, unsatisfactory progress in studies, rowdy behavior inside and outside the college premises etc.

In the case of damages or loss of college property, the college authority reserves the right to impose fines either individually or on per capita basis.

As regards attendance in class, a student shall be eligible to appear in the semester examination as a regular candidate provided he/she has at least 75% attendance in the individual subjects. For irregular students, specific University regulations which includes debarring a student from appearing university examination due to lack of adequate percentage of attendance, will apply.

Students will be required to wear prescribed college uniform / dress and are required to carry the Identity Card at all times.

Student activities like cultural functions, picnics and excursions are organised only with prior permission of the college authorities.

Smoking and use of betel nuts, shikhar etc. inside the Institute campus is strictly prohibited and will attract fine if found on person.

Use of mobile phone by students in the class room is strictly prohibited.

THE STYLE-UNIFORM AT GIMT - Guwahati, COLLEGE (Uniform / Dress Code)

In Summer

For Boys :
Dark Grey trousers with light Blue shirt and Black leather shoes with white socks and Navy blue Neck Tie.

Girls :
Dark Grey Salwar with light blue Kameez and Black leather shoes with white socks and Navy blue Neck Tie. In winter

Same as above, in addition to wear Dark grey Sweater or Dark grey Coat.
To maintain uniformity, all students will procure the uniform from the college campus during admission.

No Student will be allowed to attend classes without proper uniform.


GIMT is very strict about the attendance of students in their classes, since there is a direct relation between attendance and result in the examinations. The college authority regularly issues timely reminders to the students to attend all classes from the very beginning of a semester. Students, failing to attain the required 75 percentage of attendance, are debarred from appearing in the semester-end examination of the Gauhati University.